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24 Hours in Kyoto - Ramen to Eat

Only have 24 Hours in Kyoto and are unsure of what ramen to eat? Try these five delicious shops below!

24 Hours in Kyoto - Our Top 5 Picks for Ramen

Each of the five shops below serve a wildly different bowl.

Tsurumusha - Flower Petals of Pork?

Tsurumusha (らーめん 鶴武者) serves your typical Kyoto bowl. That is, it's on the richer side. The soup is made up of chicken, pork, and vegetables. But the addition of a spring onion oil brings a gentleness to the soup. Three variations of salt, including Mongolian rock salt, contribute to the soup's robust flavor.

Tsurumusha's Porky Ramen

For those with a hearty appetite, go for the chashumen (extra pork). The thinly sliced pork, cooked at a low temperature, are a nice touch. Handmade, curly noodles add to the dining experience. They have English menus too!

Outside Ramen Tsurumusha

Menya Yukou - Clams First

Despite the similarly big pork slices, Menya Yukou (麺屋 優光) goes in a completely different direction with its ramen. Their flagship bowl, Hachiku, features a complex broth supported by various soy sauces, Manila clams, freshwater clams, and oysters.

Big Pork SLices at Menya Yukou

Enhancing these seafood flavors are noodles crafted from a blend of whole wheat and udon flours. The pepper-seasoned pork slices are equally remarkable (and tasty).

Exterior at Yukou

Men-ya Gokkei - Wet Cement

How rich can you make a chicken ramen? That's probably what the team at Gokkei (麺屋 極鶏) asked themselves when they created this bowl. Their broth is incredibly dense, resembling wet concrete. It takes a silly amount of chicken bones to achieve this level of density.

24 Hours in Kyoto? Visit Gokkei for Ramen!

The flavor profile is a combination of sophistication and ruggedness. It's a delicate balance that Gokkei manages to strike so well. Also, they offer a spicy option (red) and a garlic-infused option (black).

Outside Men-ya Gokkei

Gankomen - Silky Smooth

The shoyu based broth in Gankomen's (頑固麺) main bowl is just as meticulously prepared as Gokkei's broth. It has a silky-smooth texture, with a flavorful garlic oil adding to its allure.

Gankomen's Big Sheet of Pork

There's also several tabletop condiments that allow you to further customize the broth. Lastly, don't forget to purchase a ticket from the machine before joining the queue!

Gankomen during the day

Masutani - Classic Kyoto

Masutani (ますたに) has been a steadfast favorite among Kyoto locals since 1947. Stepping inside feels like taking a journey back in time. Their signature ramen features a classic shoyu seasoned broth with chicken bones in the background.

Classic Kyoto Shoyu Ramen at Masutani

But their biggest claim to fame is the addition of seabura (pork back fat) to the broth. Despite this ingredient, the bowl remains surprisingly light.

Masutani's Signboard

There you have it - if you have just 24 Hours in Kyoto make sure to visit any (or all) of these ramen shops!


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