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This Fukuoka Ramen Guidebook includes detailed info on more than 30 delicious ramen shops in Fukuoka, Kyushu! Carefully hand-picked by us, these ramen shops are from Fukuoka prefecture's largest cities:

  • Fukuoka 
  • Kurume (the birthplace of tonkotsu / pork bone ramen
  • Kita Kyushu 
  • Bonus: Saga (Saga prefecture)    


If you're planning a trip to Fukuoka, this is the only ramen guidebook you'll ever need! You'll find plenty of tasty options for the local specialty - tonkotsu / pork bone ramen. But we've included other ramen styles as well, from spicy tsukemen (dipping ramen) to delicate shoyu (soy sauce) ramen.  


This Fukuoka Ramen Guide includes other useful info, including:  

  • How rich each ramen soup is & how thick the noodles are
  • Whether the ramen shop has tables or only counter seating
  • Ramen Etiquette / Pro Tips 

  • Wait time at each ramen shop...and more! 

Fukuoka Ramen Guidebook (E-Book)

  • After purchasing this guide you'll receive the download link to a pdf file for the guide. 

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