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Kyoto has literally hundreds of ramen shops. Not sure which ones to visit? Join a Kyoto ramen tour! 

In Kyoto, ramen is more than just a meal - it's an experience. Kyoto has it all too, from classic shoyu ramen to modern, rich chicken ramen. We're making sure you only visit the best ramen shops in Kyoto. You'll learn a whole lot about ramen along the way too! 

From Kyoto's only Ramen Tour to an exclusive Kaiseki experience, we've got something for everyone. There's more to come too!  

Our digital guidebooks are essential to navigating the local ramen scene in popular Japanese cities like Kyoto, Fukuoka and Tokyo. You'll know where to eat, what to order, get ramen pro tips, and much more! 

  • Enjoy Only Kyoto's Most Delicious Ramen

  • Equip Yourself With Insider Ramen Info

  • From Guides to Private Tours, You're Covered    

Kyoto Ramen Tour - Temple.jpg

 Ramen Tours Testimonials

This was an awesome experience! I love to eat ramen but our friendly, entertaining and knowledgeable host Frank, opened my eyes up to a whole new world of ramen! Frank's tour is slick and truly unique, not only with info, quizzes and thoughtful topics of conversation but he must be the ONLY person to have achieved such a close relationship with these ramen shops to get them to serve his tour members with the cutest, bespoke 'mini-bowls'!  

- Aron, Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour

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